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arrow product GA 100CM 8A

GA 100CM 8A
Price Rp 1.800.000
Rp 1.915.000
  • Mineral Glass
  • Magnetic Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Case / bezel material: Resin
    Resin Band
  • LED light

arrow product GA 110HT 1A

GA 110HT 1A
Price Rp 1.934.000

arrow product EFR 534RBK 1A

Price Rp 2.600.000
Rp 2.500.000

Infiniti Red Bull Racing Limited Edition
• Infiniti Red Bull Racing logo on face
• Back cover marking certifies partnership
• Original package
• 100-meter water resistance
• 1-second chronograph
• Date display
• EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle.
• Super Illuminator
• Blue ion plated bezel
• Black ion plated case and band

Super Illuminator
Super Illuminator lights up the dial with a high-brightness white LED.


arrow product GA 1000 9B

GA 1000 9B
Price Rp 2.866.000

This new model is the first in the Gravity Defier lineup to be equipped with digital compass capabilities, creating a watch that is perfectly matched to the needs of the modern aviator, both in terms of function and appearance. Pressing the 9 o'clock button in any mode immediately goes to the Digital Compass Mode, and a button at 8 o'clock returns to the mode you were in before the Digital Compass Mode. Continual direction readings can be taken for 20 seconds, during which the second hand points to north, a literal direction indicator is displayed in the upper display, and a direction angle value is displayed in the lower display. Bearing Memory lets you temporarily store and display a direction reading so you can use it as a reference as you take subsequent digital compass readings. Other features include temperature measurement, large numerals, and thick hands for easy reading. A coating on the tip of the second hand and minute markers reacts with the black light illumination of the watch for easy reading in the dark.


arrow product PRG 250 1DR

PRG 250 1DR
Price Rp 3.700.000
Rp 3.597.000

200-meter water resistance for an expanded sphere of activity
Introducing new PRO TREK high-performance outdoor watch for various environments including mountain and ocean. This watch not only offers the compass bearing and altitude features necessary for mountain climbing, but also strong water-resistance for river climbing and river rafting where the user may encounter strong water pressure, as well as convenient tide information for sea kayaking and fishing.
With a large display delivering outstanding readability, the PRG-250 has a dual-layer LCD construction. The sensor and other data are shown on the upper and lower LCDs, allowing the user to easily see the desired information.
In addition to being displayed numerically and in a trend graph, atmospheric pressure is shown using simply designed arrow icons which depict characteristic barometric pressure patterns. This function was developed under the supervision of a meteorologist. Consequently, an upward arrow is displayed when the atmospheric pressure suddenly rises, forecasting better weather ahead.
A downward arrow appears when the pressure suddenly falls, indicating weather deterioration.
There are also arrow icons to show when rising pressure changes to falling pressure, or vice versa, making it easy to ascertain weather changes.
• Tough Solar
• Triple Sensor: Compass, Barometer/Thermometer, Altimeter
• Low temperature resistant (-10ºC/14°F)


arrow product BA+GA 110GB 1A

BA+GA 110GB 1A
Price Rp 4.000.000
Rp 3.700.000

BA 110 1A (LADY) Size of case: 46.3 × 43.4 × 15.8 mm

GA 110GB 1A (MAN) Size of case : 55 X 51.2 X 16.9 mm


arrow product PRW 3000 2BDR

PRW 3000 2BDR
Price Rp 4.000.000
Rp 3.840.000

Introducing Triple Sensor Version 3, advanced CASIO original technology that makes it possible to pack sensor that are 95% smaller than those of previous models into a totally new type of compact PRO TREK. Despite their smaller size, the new sensors in these models deliver higher reading accuracy and improved energy efficiency.
These Triple Sensor models deliver altitude, barometric pressure, and direction readings that are more accurate than previous models


arrow product GST S100D 1A4

GST S100D 1A4
Price Rp 3.869.000

From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes G-STEEL, a watch series with a new "layer guard structure".
Different materials are used for the bezel to create a two-layer structure that adds a new dimension of shock resistant. For models that use stainless steel in the upper part, shock absorbing resin is employed in the lower part. If resin is used in the upper part, fine resin is used in the lower part to cushion against impact from the upper part. This also has made it possible create a wide range of different designs.
The GST-S100 model features a tough, quality design molded of resin.
A hand shift feature temporarily moves hands out of the way with the press of a button for easy reading of digital display contents, while double LED face illumination keeps information easy to read at all times.

• Layer guard structure
• Tough Solar
• Hand shift feature
• Double LED light illuminates the face and digital display for outstanding readability.


arrow product A 168WG 9WD

A 168WG 9WD
Price Rp 650.000
Rp 6.040.000